About the Author

Hi, I am Lourens Grobbelaar.  I was born on 6 January 1975 in beautiful South Africa, where I still live. I qualified as a Dentist in 1998 and started with theological studies at the University of Pretoria in 2003 which I completed in 2008. I am also doing a Masters degree in Ancient Languages with a focus on Greek and Hebrew. I am especially interested in Early Christian History and New Testament Exegesis.

I also follow conversations on the Emerging Church, hence the focus on Ancient Future. Another interest is ecological issues and our Godgiven responsibility for this creation.

I got married in 2000 to Annemarie. Our first daughter was born in 2007 and in April 2010 our second child will be born.

I hope you enjoy reading some of my thoughts on Christianity today and any other issue related to this.



  1. Welkom in die wêreld van die webjoernaal. Ek sien uit om te hoor wat jy te sê het.

    • lougrob Said:

      Dankie Arnau. Ek sien ook uit om te sien wat jy te se het. Groete en seen.

  2. Roger Saner Said:

    Wecome to the blogosphere, Lourens 🙂

    • lougrob Said:

      Thanks Roger. Please feel free to give your opinions in the future.

  3. Roger Perkins Said:

    Lorens. My first time to your blog. Well done. I’m looking forward to many more. Hope to have one from HG online soon. Interesting perspective on the gathering. Prompted me to wonder how we primarily view the journey–physically or metaphysically? How does the “tilt” of perspective effect community?

    • lougrob Said:

      I think we should view it both meta-physically and physically. The mistake would be to view it only as meta-physical where we only journey with the mind. It does add the dimension of prayer though where also carry people in our prayers. I think however it would be easy to just say we’re travelling by mind. These conferences tend to be held in existing church halls. In an African perspective it woudl be specifically valuable to go into informal settlements, townships, wherever there are poor and destitute people and maybe rather hold our conferences there where we can not seclude ourselves, but have to be faced with challenging circumstances. We must travel where Jesus would, to the desert, physical and meta-physical.

      Explain some more on the “tilt” of perspective and how you view its effect on community.

  4. Tiaan Said:

    Hallo daar!
    Ja welkom en alles wat mooi is. Weet nie regtig of ek vir jou sterkte ook moet se nie, maar party mense kan ‘n mens nogals verkeerd opneem somtyds, so…
    Anyway. Sien uit daarna om van jou goed te lees. Moet net nie te complicated raak nie.


    • lougrob Said:

      Ek sal my bes doen, maar as jy die eerste paar posts gelees het dink ek kan jy al sien van dit is tegnies, maar ek probeer steeds om dit so te skryf dat meeste kan byhou en gebruik. Bly om jou ook hier te sien!!!

  5. Tom Smith Said:

    Good to find your site through the #sinoos tweets

    • lougrob Said:

      I’m glad that you did Tom, and thanks for your contributions during our Twitter experiment. I wondered who soulgardener is. Now I know. Blessings on your work.

  6. I discovered you via Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog where you were making eminently good sense 🙂

    • lougrob Said:

      Welcome John. Good to know I make sense from time to time. Do you also have a blog? Radical Emergence?

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